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the rules read and obey

Post  Liam R Gesault on Sat Apr 03, 2010 2:31 pm

first off no godmodding or your ass is banned

1 race has no effect on your char other than how it looks
2 classes are gin singularly but when 500 exp is obtained the sub class becomes active and its powers are available
3 finishers are a last resort move only a max of 2 can be preformed in 1 fight
4 the max no of weapons is 4 or 3 if your a monk
5 spells are survivable
6 ultima is not a basic spell it can only be used if your char has 750 exp and the main class is a black mage
7 same for holy
8 please only post in the city where your char starts untill 60 exp is obtained rp fields are an exception

general behaviour
1 racial abuse is a no (includes diffrent countrys)
2 swearing is to a minimum but in char posts can be used but not too much
3 make at leasts 2 posts a day your here please
4 have fun
Liam R Gesault

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