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liams lv 5 limit

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liams lv 5 limit

Post  Liam R Gesault on Thu Apr 08, 2010 3:15 pm

eternal nothing
11 times dam (can hit multiple opponents)
liam teleports the enemy and himself to another plain of existance here liam draws the end and charges the blade with dark green energy and throws the sword in the air about 50 miles up liam the jumps catches the blade and speeds back to the ground with it hitting the ground with enought force to send the enemy flying as the enemy falls to earth there is a split-second where liam flashes behind the opponent hitting them with a zantetsuken-type slash cutting them in half killing them instantly but the split dose not happen until liam sheaths his blade after they hit the ground and stand back up at the end liam always utters be banished in to eternal nothing
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