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Limit Breaks

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Limit Breaks

Post  Cross on Sun Apr 04, 2010 6:00 pm

Build your own limit break!!! you may have multible effects but effects don't stack. So you can't have Mass Multi hit as in 3 hits that all do 4 times dam, but you can have Mass power hit and multi hit where you have 1 attack that does 4 times dam and 3 additional hits. or there is the alternative of, the transformation skill where your damage is doubled for a set number of turns

effect__________level 1_________level 2_______level 3______level 4
Multi hit________4 hits__________6 hits________8 hits______10 hits
Mass power hit_3 times dam.__5 times dam.__7 times dam._9 times dam
Healing_________full heal_______regen_________revive____large regen
transformation___2 turns_______3 turns_________4 turns____5 turns

Each stage represent's a lv in a limit break. To go up in lv on limit break you must preform the lv below limit break a set number of time's. Any use of a level below the one you just unlocked dose not count towards the achievement of the higher level doesn't help you lv up. You may change your limit break anytime not in battle.

lv 1 instant unlock
lv 2 use lv 1 200 times
lv 3 use lv 2 150 times
lv 4 use lv 3 100 times


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